Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Daily Tweetage

  • 23:54 Daily Tweetage: 00:40 Daily Tweetage: 07:24 Oh dear, I'm off to the dentist today. I'm very scared...
  • 12:49 Feeling a bit weary and uninspired today... but must not give in to it!
  • 16:06 Have just edited 3 of my stories. I thought they were crap, but actually they seem quite okay looking at them again! :)
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Unknown said...

Hope the dentist visit went well. I like my dentist, but then, he's cute and looks like George Segal.

Way to go on doing so many edits.

Portia Da Costa said...

Yeah, I did great at the dentist, with no drilling or pain at all! My dentist is a woman, and she's really good. Fantastic work, and she's really kind and reassuring too.

Yep, pleased about those edits. Am going to sub at least one of the stories to an editor today. :)