Sunday, 22 June 2008

A great review for WILD IN THE COUNTRY!

I've just been given a lovely review of WILD IN THE COUNTRY, by Cheryl at Cheryl's Book Nook. Here's a clip of what she says...

"... when you start a Portia Da Costa book you better clear some time as you will find yourself getting not wanting to put the book down till the last page. Wild in the Country had me loving every moment of it"

And here's the full review!

Many thanks to Cheryl, and to all the other wonderful readers and reviewers out there who've read my books and invested their time in posting reviews. I'm going to do better about thanking you here in this blog in future... you're the best!

And even those who've reviewed but didn't like my books. I still appreciate you taking the time to read my work, and I respect your opinions. I always like to think that my next book might hit the spot better for you. :)

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