Sunday, 22 June 2008

Daily Tweetage

  • 23:21 Daily Tweetage: 23:20 Daily Tweetage: 23:55 Daily Tweetage: 23:51 Daily Tweetage: 00:53 Daily Tweet..
  • 10:56 Sunday... I think this will be a day of motorbikes and football on the telly, and not much achieved. But you never know... ;)
  • 13:51 A British Winner!: Congratulations to Scott Redding, who's just won the 125cc class at the British ..
  • 16:11 Time to get on my exercise bike and do my daily constitutional...
  • 16:20 I must not become addicted...: ... to Facebook!I've been spending far too much time on it in the la..
  • 17:24 Wow, just got a brill review of WILD IN THE COUNTRY! Ta, Cheryl!
  • 17:51 A great review for WILD IN THE COUNTRY!: I've just been given a lovely review of WILD IN THE COUNTR..
  • 18:01 Wow, another great review! Two on the bounce...
  • 20:20 I don't believe it! In a good way...: I got another great review, this one for my contribution to t..
  • 21:30 Agh, the football is rubbish tonight!
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