Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Three new releases... not all mine!

Well, the first isn't really a new release, but it is mine. Today I'm showcasing my recent BDSM title, IN SEBASTIAN'S HANDS, a trio of three linked stories about Sebastian and Megan, a couple who love to play spanking games. Through the three tales, we see their relationship develop, beginning with their meeting at a party, moving through their growing love and passion for each other, and culminating in a snapshot of them on holiday as a happily married couple... who still love their naughty BDSM shenanigans!

You can find out more about IN SEBASTIAN'S HANDS here, along with a frisky excerpt.


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EROTICA FANTASTICA is a hot new release from my writing buddy, Saskia Walker, featuring four sizzling stories with a decidedly fantastical flavor... "Love, Lust and Destiny, set in fantasy worlds"

Sound wonderful to me! You can find out more here at Saskia's blog:


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The third release is from another of my writing pals, Madelynne Ellis. It's also a paranormal offering, BLOOD MOON, a delicious gothic urban fantasy of demons and the hunters who pursue them.

Check it out here:


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