Sunday, 8 February 2009

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

00:21 Daily Tweetage: My day in tweets: 08:46 That's the last time I eat cheap chicken kiev. Woke up with raving indig..

08:54 Yesterday was a wasted day. I did nothing. I *must* do better today!

09:18 Wah!Can find no Poirot in today's telly listings! What shall I do? Have 1 Poirot DVD, may watch that. Orig. bought for setting, not him.

09:21 Himself watching current affairs, but I'm tired of that. So much bad news, need escapism. Only way for people to cope, I think. World grim.

09:28 Bonuses for banking fatcats???? Fecking hell, a lot of them should be behind bars!!!!

10:24 Despite aching just as much as yesterday, my spirits are much better & feel quite cheery.

11:28 Win sexy PortiaDaCosta vamp novella in a prize draw today! BUDDIES DONT BITE in this antho!

11:46 Think I'm gonna dig out that Poirot DVD and do a bit of static cycling. Often find that loosens up the joints & whatnot and eases aching.

11:53 Ack, twitterspam people... am not interested in your nasty webcams or other porny things...

16:09 Have watched Evil Under the Sun. Now want to watch Ustinov version for comparison. Good movie, although do prefer Suchet's interpretation

16:21 Another Prize Draw today!: Random House have another Portia Da Costa title up for offer in their Valentine's pri..

18:14 Stomach is better today. Himself suggests fish & chips. Am I ready to get back on the high fat horse?

19:59 Have had fish & chips... still alive. Stomach still normal. :)

21:03 Just watched Shrek 2 - such good fun! Love the Puss!

21:29 Still okay after greasefest... dare I risk a lager now? Oh, I really am a silly old bat, aren't I? LOL!

21:31 I think I've nearly finished my guest blog thing that I'm writing. Need to polish it, then back to my naughty cold weather spanking story :)

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