Sunday, 8 February 2009

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

08:46 That's the last time I eat cheap chicken kiev. Woke up with raving indigestion... grr....

08:47 So much grim news around in the biz and elsewhere... Need to concentrate on my writing & just not think about it all.

08:47 Not snowing here today [yet] but looks v. cold out there.

08:49 Maybe some breakfast will settle my tum? Cereal seems an attractive option right now.

08:50 I think that for once, I made the right decision about something recently... judging by something that's now come to light.

09:36 Gah, I must get dressed soon & start day properly. Difficult with himself drifting around, getting in my way.

10:28 Loudtwitter isn't working again. It's useless. Suppose I ought to just blog instead, but am mostly too grumpy to write a proper post.

10:33 No chocolate for me today. Think mixing praline, chicken kiev & lager is what has done 4 my alimentary canal. Today I am mainly eating bland

13:39 Mmmm... Saturday afternoon Poirot... Gonna have to get some DVDs of my fave little Belgian sleuth.

15:26 So much for good intentions. Just ate two sea shells. No ill effects so far.

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