Thursday, 19 June 2008

Today I will do better!

Am going to make a concentrated effort to do the stuff I'm supposed to be doing today. The 'to do' list is massive again, still, as ever, and I need to polish some items off... including:

1. finish a story [HANG TOUGH]
2. polish some answers to interview questions and send them off to the interviewer
3. do a bit of work towards the tranche of web updates that've just come in
4. do some RWA prep, including order some stuff, make lists, timetables of stuff to do
5. edit two other stories [LIAISONS thing and FLICKER]
6. keep on top of my accounts
7. do some reading for a mate [this is a priority priority, actually]
8. begin thinking about how to tackle my next Black Lace
9. try and pull together some proposals for new book ideas [yeah, like that's *so* easy...]
10. bloody well stop foofing about!

In spite of the technological distractions of yesterday, I did achieve a bit of writing. Just a very modest 200 words, so all is not lost on that front. :)

Right, better get some breakfast and start on the above list...

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