Thursday, 19 June 2008

Daily Tweetage

  • 23:51 Daily Tweetage: 00:53 Daily Tweetage: 23:51 Daily Tweetage: 09:58 decisions decisions: Apart from m..
  • 08:47 Right, time to get my breakfast, get dressed and get some work done! Also do some static cycling whilst watching BSG DVD.
  • 08:51 Today I will do better!: Am going to make a concentrated effort to do the stuff I'm supposed to be ..
  • 10:57 Aw, I was going to do so well today and now crap, complicated bank stuff has arrived in the post, and I can't find stuff I need...
  • 13:54 Day not going well... no writing done. Too many complications arising...
  • 15:02 An astonishing thing... Day going bad, then suddenly, opened my story and did 1K words! Just need to do about 200 now, then it's done!
  • 15:03 Anybody having trouble with MySpace? I keep getting a service unavailable message.
  • 15:51 MySpace seems to be fine again now. Must have been teething troubles with all the shiny newness! :)
  • 16:18 Wahey, have finished my story! 1.2K words today!
  • 21:59 Now I'm thinking about another story. One I had absolutely no idea I might write until around a couple of hours ago. An unexpected project.
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