Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Off the roll...

Erk, I'm not feeling particularly productive today.

I've had two or three pretty good days, and written quite a bit on my Liaisons story, but today I feel tired and achy and a bit brain fuzzed and I don't feel like doing very much of anything, but lazing around. I've done my static cycling, but that was a struggle, I can tell you.

After waking up from strange dreams, I must admit the haul delivered by postie was good though, even if not much else about the day is.

I received:

1. A LOCI goodie from the wonderful Eliza. Pretty much out of the blue, and a wonderful treat.

2. A lightweight cabin bag, fluorescent pink suitcase strap, and a TSA approved luggage lock for my RWA trip. All great.

3. A DVD of AFTER THE SUNSET, comedy heist movie starring Pierce Brosnan, bit of background for Thief, if I ever get to write it.

4. Novelisation of STARMAN, by Alan Dean Foster. Have started this and it's pretty good. ADF is a very talented writer in his own right, not just some hack drafted in the reproduce the script. His writing has depth and even a certain poetry. He did the Alien novelisations too, and they're great.

5. LOVER UNSHRINED. I should already be devouring this, but have put myself off by reading too many bad reviews. I'm sure I'll read it and enjoy it, but I'll not be able to read it uncritically, as a fan, somehow. I read DARK LOVER that way, but since then, the internal editor has switched on with BDB, alas...

6. Reimagined BattleStar Galactica, eps. 1 - 4 on DVD, from Amazon DVD Rental, which will be next for my viewing pleasure. Have already watched a little bit, and think I'm going to like it very much.

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