Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Daily Tweetage

  • 00:25 Daily Tweetage: 00:24 Daily Tweetage: 01:24 Daily Tweetage: 08:25 Twitter still acting weird... # 0.. tinyurl.com/3sf7cj
  • 10:07 Erk, feeling achy this morning, and my face itches. Not a great start to the day, but maybe things will improve...
  • 10:08 2 books arrived in the post. Lover Enshrined and the Starman novelisation. Which to read? To be honest, I'm veering towards Starman.
  • 16:30 Off the roll...: Erk, I'm not feeling particularly productive today.I've had two or three pretty go.. tinyurl.com/5pfcvs
  • 17:15 I just discovered this and it made me laugh out loud! failblog.org/
  • 17:57 Wahey, I finally managed to write 400 words, with a vibe that I really like. Don't like just shagging stories... gotta be tenderness too.
  • 20:45 Back to vets with Alice. Her leg is still sore. She had to have antibiotics as well as steroids. Poor baby. She seems okay in herself tho.
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