Sunday, 8 June 2008

Daily Tweetage

  • 08:25 Twitter still acting weird... #
  • 08:26 Hope to continue working on my Liaisons story today. Have some ideas and notes, and am getting a sense of my characters. At last! #
  • 08:48 Will I get sucked into the football today? Loved the World Cup, and always did prefer watching the matches England *weren't* in! LOL #
  • 09:49 Never mind the footie, I just got sucked into following up an ongoing blog drama/war type thing and that's really hoovered up a lot of time! #
  • 11:44 Ack, I need to stop reading reviews and spoilers of Lover Enshrined or I'm going to hate the damn thing before it even arrives! #
  • 12:37 Oh dear, my kitteh Alice has a sore leg. Off to the vets with her at 2.40pm. Hope it's nothing serious. She seems pretty cheerful though... #
  • 15:23 Kitteh Alice has dermatitis.The vet has given her a steroid shot to make her more comfortable. Back to the surgery Tues to follow up. #
  • 19:41 PortiaDaCosta Blog The Patient: I had such good intentions today, vis a vis writi.. #
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