Sunday, 8 June 2008

Behaving like a Twit

Well, in spite of spending way to much time Twitting and reading tweets yesterday, I did manage to rack up a very respectable 1K words of my latest WIP, a short story on the theme of Liaisons for the next Black Lace short story collection. It's been a tough one to come up with something for, but I've finally managed to develop an idea and I'm actually starting to have fun with it. Am up to about 1.8K with it so far, so nearly a third done.

I'm pleased with this progress, because I wasted a helluva lot of time yesterday, not only with Twitter, but also following various blog dramas and reading reviews of books I haven't even read yet. I thought the whole day might end up being a washout, but curiously, in the evening, I thought 'sod all this!' and just opened the file and got stuck in. :)

More good news is that Alice is doing well today. Her sore leg is much less inflamed and clearly responding well the the jumbo steroid shot. She's cheerful and relaxed, and as always the case with steroid intervention, she's eating like a horse, bless her!

It's a gorgeous day today, here in West Yorkshire, but I'm indoors watching the MotoGP, and later probably the football. I don't foresee a huge amount of writing being done today, but have done a little 25o word chunk already, and have been thinking of a few plotty bits, so it's not going to be a total washout.

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