Friday, 11 January 2008

lurgi again

I think I've got a lurgi again... not Ebola, as illustrated above, but some cold/flu/virus type thing that's going about. Have the usual cocktail of cough, bunged up head, aches and pains and various... and it might account for the fact that I was in such a bad mood yesterday. And today...

And it's so hard to work when I feel like this. I just want to lie down. But I have managed to get my The Retreat proofs checked and returned. Pretty smooth process, thankfully, given the way I'm feeling. The story reads quite nicely, and I do like my hero, Ben...

Think I may have 40 winks, maybe, now, and perhaps that'll pep me up so I can do some bits and pieces of work later.... hopefully...

ps. have a good thought for my moggie, Kuffer. He seems to be a bit under the weather today too.

Telly: Numb3rs
Choc/Yummy: various
Mood: low
Writing: proofs
Reading: nothing much
RSI/FMS: see above

Don't forget Portia's Promos - new stuff being added all the time!


Saskia Walker said...

:{ Take care! I'm just starting to feel a bit better, but there are so many bugs around, it's bad news.

val said...

A few years teaching disease-ridden kids (whose parents send them in regardless 'cos they do NOT want them at home) and you'd be immune to everything - possibly including ebola.

But would it be worth it?

mary said...

Can you get a bug from viewing bloggs on the internet? I think I caught yours:)

Lucy Felthouse said...

Sorry you've been feeling crappy, me too! Had it almost a week now, just getting over the worst but now to make me feel even more pooey I got a nasty coldsore :((

Hope you kick its ass soon and get back to being yourself!

Indi said...

Hi, soooooo sorry you're feelin like crap! Tis the time of year for nasty bugs. I've had one after the other just lately, vit c's, plenty sleep also helps the body to recover..speedy recovery.;-)