Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I've been editing....

Quite intensely. Which is why I've been quiet here for a day or two.

I got the bit between my teeth and pushed on to the end of the first round of editing Gothic Heat yesterday. I'd anticipated lots of things to change, and there still will be changes, both self initiated and stemming from whatever my wise critique partner says about it. But, it didn't seem quite as dire as it did when I was actually writing it. I thought I'd produced a real turkey, but it didn't feel quite that bad. Shades of Suite Seventeen there... I thought that was a mountainous pile of horse pooh at one time, but it ended up getting four and a half stars from Romantic Times! I can only hope for a similar phenomenon with Gothic Heat. Maybe not all those stars, but at least a fairly respectable showing.

Found myself grinning at GH's extremely sappy and traditionally romantic - sort of - ending. But I'm a traditional and old fashioned girl [girl? don't make me laugh...] I like the together forever, rose tinted HEA. It's what I want to read and it's what I want to write... I don't apologise for that. And I don't apologise for creating characters that are sort of nice, despite their quirks and the bad traits and acts they have to overcome to get to being 'good people'... It's fashionable in some quarters to pour scorn on niceness, but I don't. I like nice people, and if there were more of them about, this world wouldn't be in the shitty mess some parts of it are... My Rafe in Gothic Heat has done some very questionable things in his life, and he does some questionable things in the course of the book... but underneath, his heart is true and he becomes a hero. As well as falling for a girl and loving her forever...


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