Friday, 31 August 2007

death warmed up

That's what I feel like this morning... due to Kuffer waking me up in the small hours, 'announcing' that he'd come in after a nocturnal jaunt. He seems to like to know that we know he's back. Even if it is around 4am... And waking up acquainted me with the fact I had a sinus headache, so had to get up and get pills to sort that out. So now I'm feeling distinctly under par.

After a day of doing nothing at all, letting the latest edit of Gothic Heat 'set' I started back into work again yesterday and had a most productive day. Caught up on accounts, replied to some emails, did a bit of web work, sent out some parcels to prize draw winners and reviewers, and even did a K of story I'm thinking of sending to a magazine. Pretty rough stuff at the moment, but writing all the same. And different to Gothic Heat, so refreshing in a way. I flipped back to my contemporary first person present tense voice and really enjoyed the change. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to write that way, and I'm wondering whether to return to that voice for my next book. It certainly worked quite nicely in Entertaining Mr Stone and Suite Seventeen, and readers have said how they liked it too.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Portia!

Sounds like you've been busy. I hate when paperwork gets in the way of writing, lol. Glad to hear you're writing--yeah!! What magazine were you thinking of, or is it still secret?

val said...

Early morning cat awakenings - love 'em. Mine on Thursday was my cat and another fighting outside my bedroom window. I went down into the garden barefoot and naked at 5.30 am to rescue him - just as it was getting light...

Hey, Wendy, there could be a story in that - a tomcat who turns into a gorgeous man and ravishes his beautiful naked rescuer!