Monday, 2 April 2007

where did the day go?

Busy busy busy... networking, networking, networking... as well as walking up into little town and running errands. Quite a bit achieved, really, for me...

And I've even managed to do a bit of writing, and have produced the princely amount of 1.2K words on Smalltown. I decided that I needed to go back and write a bit of a prologue... bringing Jay to the table first, so to speak. I'm not sure how this'll work in a romantic sense, because maybe I should have stuck with Sandy opening the show... but it just feels right to introduce my hero in the first scene, and he is actually thinking about Sandy. Well, more than thinking, if you get my drift... tee hee... It's all gonna haveta be pretty stringently edited though, 'cos not only have I missed out an angsty plot point that I was going to develop... I've also managed to swap the hero and heroine's surnames round! Doh!

While I'm here... Gothic Blue is out in the States again tomorrow! And if you drop by here, you might find something to your advantage... ;)

Telly: UK History
Chocolate: cake
Mood: okay
Writing: 1.2K Smalltown
Reading: Romantic Times
RSI/FMS: bit sore, not too bad

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Shelli Stevens said...

Good luck with Smalltown. Sounds like a good read :D

Portia Da Costa said...

It could be interesting, if I get it right... early days yet though.