Saturday, 25 November 2006

oh, dear... it's getting bad again...

As you can see, I've let things slide again... Bad, bad me!

Telly: POTC extras, Columbo
Chocolate: Tesco Belgian Plain
Mood: weird
Writing: TechnoGothic - 1.1K words today, 1.1K words yesterday
Reading: Encyclopaedia Dramatica - online [link not worksafe]
RSI: various aches and pains


Kate Hardy said...

It's still tidier than the area usually hidden by the open door of my office :oD

Thought of your yesterday when DH got us a film and the Vinster had a small part in it (The Break Up - don't think it'd be your cuppa tea and even Vinnie wouldn't rescue it for you!)

Wendy Wootton said...

Phew, I'm glad it's not just me who has these clutter 'black spots', Kate! :)

No, even though it's got Vin in it, I don't fancy 'The Break Up'... Will probably rent it from Amazon, just out of curiosity.

val said...

I wish I had a little glory hole like that, Wendy. Sadly, mine is my whole house!

The Break Up was tolerable. Vincent's scenes were the highlight. He looked so uncomfortable (intentionally) and the acting was wonderful. I'd never seen him on the big screen, that was why I went along. Can't actually stand Jennifer Aniston.

Wendy Wootton said...

Ah but, Val... that isn't just the one little glory hole... it's a sample of what a lot of my house is like! I can't work in my office any more, it's so full of 'stuff'!!!

I wonder if some enterprising Vincentophile out there might, even as we speak, be doing an edit of The Breakup, with only *his* scenes in it, so people don't have to watch Jen at all!

ann said...

oh Wendy you make me feel so much better....

choc: Tescos dark with orange pieces.... scrumptious

Nikki said...

For winter - Green and Black's with ginger. Delish.

And by the way Wendy, I *could* show you pictures of the mountain of recycling, the towering stacks of old newspapers and magazines and general crap and the dust bunnies floating round my house, only I'm too ashamed...

'I hate housework. You make the beds, you wash the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again.' – Joan Rivers