Sunday, 8 October 2006

not in the mood...

No progress to speak of yesterday. I felt rather under the weather, and the last thing I was in the mood for was the long, complex and somewhat ritualistic sexual set piece I had to edit... Plus, between the meds for my head, my sinuses and my stomach I was feeling pretty spaced out and unable to concentrate on anything, never mind polishing an intense scene of psycho erotic power exchange.

Feeling very chuffed with the initial responses to the extract of Suite Seventeen I posted over at Portia's Prose though... My chums of the VDO persuasion seem to be enjoying certain special little flourishes. :)


ann said...

wendy... wow... you kept this new blog a secret. Suite Seventeen and all its "certain special little flourishes" looks really wonderful; so looking forward to it. When do you hope to get it published?

wendy, hope you're feeling better today... how's Boy?

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

val said...

No, Wendy, what could possibly give us that extra little oomph?

I posted a link on my blog and on Molly. I cannot deprive those who don't know where you are of enjoying the new Valentino.

Wendy Wootton said...

Ann... this blog hasn't been a secret, but I've been busy writing and haven't done much in the way of spreading the word about it.

Suite Seventeen is scheduled for next June. It's not on Amazon yet, but I don't think it'll be too long before it appears there.

Sadly, Boy had to be put to sleep about three weeks ago. He was v. ill with a cancer and it was the only thing we could do...

Thanks for spreading the word, Val. Hope everyone likes 'my' Valentino. He's not an exact carbon copy of the one in VOG, but it's up to the readers to paint the picture for themselves... ;)