Saturday, 7 October 2006


Since I posted the excerpt last night, over at Portia's Prose, I've been thinking about more and more tweakage I need to do to Suite Seventeen. This is my process, I suppose, I slam down the main story without thinking too much about background [just to get something down] and then work through the ramifications and filter in stuff later to give it more depth. I was mainly thinking about Valentino's car last night... He has this amazing and very, very valuable classic supercar [there's a reason in the story why he comes to possess such a thing] but I'd not stopped to think about the insurance on such a vehicle, which would be astronomical... so I've got to come up with an explanation for how he can even afford to pay the insurance. I also got to thinking more and more about what Annie has been doing with her life to get to forty plus... She's got no kids... she probably hasn't worked for quite a while... other stuff... but I suppose the fact that the years have flown by and she hasn't a lot to show for them is actually one of the reasons why she's so open to a whole new world of experience with Valentino... so ready to shake things up so radically by getting involved with him. I'm seeing ways to lightly sketch in and hint at these background facets, but the accent is on dealing with them lightly rather than making a huge deal. Basically, I'm writing for entertainment. I want my story to have some emotional depth, quite a bit in fact, but I don't want to get heavy and bring readers down with anguished pasts and sob stories. I'm about giving people a fun read. I'm not about issues or making any kind of particular 'statement'. So I've to negotiate the tricky path between giving readers a true sounding experience and providing them with an escapist sex fantasy to tickle their fancies! :)

Having said all the above, it's Saturday and I'm not getting on all that fast. I'm pratting about mainly, although I have done my static cycling, whilst watching an ep. of Law and Order Criminal Intent... ooh, yummy, yummy Bobby! It seems weird to see him investigating crimes in New York when he should be either sitting in his office in Borough Hall, thinking up the next naughty thing he's going to do to Maria... or actually be doing something naughty to or with her! Probably in the back garden, so his neighbour Annie can watch them...

To be honest, I'm not feeling all that great this morning though. I feel as if a headache might be gathering... the sort that can morph into a migraine if I don't watch it. Will have to monitor the situation closely, and be kind to my poor old noggin... maybe take a pill of things take a turn for the worse...


Anonymous said...

I can't slam a story like that. Wish I could, I'd be more satisfied with my page count! :)

Not me. I don't move on until I'm satisfied with the chapter. The up side is I have a very clean first draft.

Anonymous said...

Ooops! Forgot to tell you my name, Wendy! Delilah Devlin here, just saying hi!

Wendy Wootton said...

Hi Delilah

I used to edit as I go, and I do still, a tiny bit, but I'm so slow that it takes me such a long time to finish if I do it that way. I'd rather keep moving and keep up the momentum. Plus, I see things afterwards that have to be woven in, often things that arise out of the bigger picture of the whole book. And this particular book was very much a pantsed one. I had no big plan... sort of a scary way to write, but also flexible.

Having said that, I'm going to do a proper plan for the next book, and maybe some more editing as I go along. I'm sure I've aged ten years while writing Suite Seventeen, and when you're as old as me that's far too much!!!!