Sunday, 29 October 2017

A TOUCH OF HEAVEN returns to Earth!

A TOUCH OF HEAVEN is my sensual paranormal romance novella about a gorgeous, mysterious stranger who entrances a forty-something woman who's beginning to have doubts about her own attractiveness. Patrick is house-sitting next door... or at least that's what Miranda hopes he's doing. If not, he's the most handsome, delectable squatter she's ever set eyes on!

TOUCH was originally published by Samhain Publishing a few years ago, but now I've self published it and it's available again at the usual outlets.

Here's the blurb:

Pleasure with a perfect stranger can be divine...

If Miranda Clay believed that angels exist, they’d look just like her neighbours’ new house sitter. Golden hair. Golden, naked skin. Muscles that are poetry in motion. Is it ridiculous that even his feet are beautiful?

When mysterious Patrick turns his heavenly blue eyes toward her and smiles… Well, how can a red-blooded woman resist his friendly offer of a soothing massage? But pretty soon his therapy to ease her forty-something aches and pains turns into an exquisite touch of pleasure, a storm of bliss that leaves her boneless and sighing.

But when Miranda reaches for Patrick to return the favour, he stays her hand—and reluctantly reveals his almost incomprehensible secret. He’s an angel on an earthly mission of kindness, and though he’s always longed to live a full, if messy, human life, he’s never been tempted to violate his unbreakable angelic code. Until now.

Soon, the deeply-in-love couple face a perilous decision, and Patrick will have to risk everything—even the prospect of extinction—to keep the woman he adores in his arms.

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NB. thanks to Carolan Ivey for her help with the blurb

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