Thursday, 11 February 2016

MASTER OF THE GAME is out today!

Can the student become the master?

When financial executive Joanna Darrell loses her temper with a client it sets in motion a chain of erotic events beyond her wildest most fevered imaginings.

At work Joanna is feisty, capable and supremely confident in her abilities, but when she takes a forced sabbatical she quickly discovers a new and shocking side to her sensual nature. She's a sexual submissive, and who better to guide her, coax her and initiate her than the sybaritic members of the mysterious society of the Continuum. The more she samples, the more she likes, and she's soon hurtling headlong towards the very heart of this exotic association of hedonists and devotees of erotic power-play.

Fascinated by the idea that the Master of the Continuum has singled her out for his special attentions, Joanna still finds herself falling in love with her naughty 'boy next door' fellow worker, Kevin Steel - who might be a computer geek but who still finds time for sensual experiments of his own.

How far can Joanna go? How much will she learn? Who will she choose? Can her decadent experiment really become a way of life?


MASTER OF THE GAME is a new reprint of my 1990s erotica title CONTINUUM. It's one I'm particularly proud of... although ironically, after all these years, the precise details of the plot and characters are decidedly fuzzy to me. I do know that there are a lot of erotic shenanigans, a bit of a mystery, and the heroine, Joanna, gets a full on but rather exotic happily ever after, with the man of her dreams. :)

There's a peek at the prologue here and it's available to buy from the following outlets:


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