Friday, 6 December 2013

THE GIFT is out now!

My Christmas novel THE GIFT is out now! Complete with festive red bow and golden lettering on the cover [see piccie below for more detail].

THE GIFT isn't entirely a new title. It's a re-imagining of an earlier book of mine, KISS IT BETTER, transferring a generic sort of Spring/Summer setting to the more seasonal one of December and the run up to Christmas. Although this was an idea suggested to me by my editor, I do think it works perfectly, as The Gift has a strong 'fairytale' type romance vibe to it, with shades of Sleeping Beauty, almost, along with reunited lovers, and a tough and slightly cranky Prince Charming, who's been through the mill of pain and injury, and almost literally come out on the other side as an entirely different man.

There's also an entirely new and rather sexy epilogue, which includes not only a love scene for hero and heroine Jay and Sandy, but a 'sighting' of Lizzie and John from my ACCIDENTAL TRILOGY. The books are all set in the same 'world' as a few of my other titles, including Entertaining Mr Stone, Suite Seventeen, and In Too Deep.

[Look at that blingy lettering, eh!]

Blurb for THE GIFT

Pleasure with a perfect stranger...

Jay Bentley is a man with issues. Haunted by physical and psychological demons, he seeks solace and sexual oblivion in the pursuit of an exquisite erotic daydream from his youth, and the reality of a woman who has illuminated his inner fantasies since a brief meeting years ago.

Sandy Jackson has always known that a certain magic is 'missing' from her life. She's feisty and philosophical, but her dreams are filled with heated images of a handsome Prince Charming she once encountered, a man who will kiss everything better and gift her with glorious, dangerous pleasure.

But the past is an illusion, and the present fraught with conflict and uneasy compromise… can two passionate lovers reconcile their differences and slake their burning sensual hunger for each other in a wild and daring liaison?

Excerpt here:

Available from:,, Kindle UK and Kindle US
Also from Barnes and Noble, W H Smith, Nook UK, Kobo, All Romance Ebooks, Waterstones Books and Waterstones Ebooks

And while we're on a Christmas theme... here's another of my titles set during the Festive Season...

Cally and Innes, the boss she secretly adores, are marooned in a freezing flat over Christmas, with broken central heating... and a dose of the forty eight hour flu for Innes. What else is a girl to do but administer her body heat as a therapy to make him feel better?

More info and a sexy excerpt here:


Lucy Felthouse said...

Congrats, Portia!

Lisabet Sarai said...

You're far too cute to be writing such steamy stuff, Portia!

Happy holidays!