Wednesday, 6 November 2013


How do you like this brand new cover for my super hot, super quick read, NAUGHTY THOUGHTS? Doesn't she just look like she's having a really, really naughty thought right now? :)

Here's the blurb for this sexy short story:

Dare Vickie reveal her secret fantasies?

Vickie and Terrence have a delicious sex life, even though neither one knows quite what's going on in the other's head when they're making passionate love. But one night, in the heat of the moment, Vickie confesses her dark, dangerous fantasies about being punished and dominated... and discovers a brand new, thrilling side to her beloved Terrence. He's a powerful dominant who likes to play spanking games, and it turns out that the Master of Vickie's dreams and the familiar lover who's already in her bed are one and the same man.

You can check out a mini teaser excerpt of NAUGHTY THOUGHTS here:

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Lisabet Sarai said...

You can tell she's thinking naughty thoughts...! Good luck with the releae.