Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I've just self published a new book. Well, it's an old book, really, one I had published by an epublisher nearly a decade ago... but for which I got back the publishing rights last year.

LESSONS AND LOVERS is a fairly crazy book, with a highly unlikely storyline, and not really set in the actual world as we know it. It's a sort of slightly archaic romantic erotic fantasy. Not 'fantasy' fantasy, just absurdly escapist and fun, with tons of hot explicit sex, and a complicated and super-angsty central relationship. It also has a gorgeous hero, though I say it myself. He's a cool, composed alpha who's tortured by what he thinks is unrequited love and is only able to act on his feelings by supplying rampant sexual services to his beloved.

Here's the blurb:

What happens when a perfectly civilized sexual arrangement turns into a minefield of turbulent emotion?

Wealthy widow Hettie Miller misses her dead husband terribly, but is still beset by a gnawing physical desire. Lonely and confused, she turns to Starr, her late husband’s personal assistant, who discreetly supplies an after dark solution. At night, he comes to her bed and thrills her with intense, breath-taking sex, even though by day, their employer/employee relationship is scrupulously formal and hands off.

But Starr loves Hettie. He’s loved her since the first time he ever met her, but until now, he’s always managed to conceal it beneath a mask of immaculate manners and rigidly controlled reserve.

During a summer getaway at her secluded country mansion, it finally dawns on Hettie that her feelings for Starr are far more than simply carnal, and the parameters of their relationship start to change…

More info and an excerpt here:

LESSONS AND LOVERS is available for Kindle/Kindle Apps from and

It's also available in Epub format from All Romance Ebooks, and I'm hoping to make it available at as many other outlets as I can in the near future. 

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