Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mork and Mindy - week 1

It's a week now, since Mork and Mindy arrived, and although progress is slower than we expected, they're starting to settle in a bit now, and become happy in their new home.

These two are very timid cats, who've had some disruption in their lives in the last eighteen months or so, which means it was never going to be easy for them to adapt to the biggest disruption yet, ie. to be suddenly dropped into a strange house, with unknown people, away from everything and everybody that was familiar to them. But, we're starting to turn corners now. At first, they would not come out from their hiding place beneath the settee when either of us were around... but gradually we're starting to see more of them, mostly in the hours of darkness in the evening and in the morning before it gets light. And when we do see them, and they come to us at quiet settled times, they are the most adorably affectionate pair. They love attention and fussing and both have incredibly loud purrs. They will also get on the bed at night now too, especially Mindy, who seems to have taken to me during after hours time. 

Even though I think it will be a while before they fully settle, I feel that they're going to be enormously rewarding cats and wonderful companions. Himself and I already dote on them completely.



Sorry the pix aren't very clear, but hopefully we'll be able to capture better, much sharper images of this handsome pair when they spend more time out and about in full daylight.


val said...

You're wise not to frighten them with a flash. My one-eyed cat runs away from cameras in case they flash; I suppose before his cancerous eye was removed, he might have had all sorts of visual disturbance and is scared someone might take the other eye away!

Dark Franny said...

Oh, so here they are!
They look really beautiful, although they do seem quite wary. :)