Wednesday, 1 August 2012

More August Excitement!

My posts are like London buses. Nothing for weeks then two on the same day! LOL

But there are two blog related events that I really must bring to your attention...

The first is a Grand BDSM Appreciation Event that is being hosted by Nix on her Scorching Book Reviews blog. This is a fab lineup of authors each posting about their take on BDSM fiction, one every day, for a month... along with a blog hop, too.

I haven't actually written my post yet, but I do already have some fun ideas, that I hope will be interesting and entertaining. :)

And to celebrate another event, that I completely forgot about in my other post... I've been interviewed by the Italian romance blog Pinkafe, to mark the occasion of my Victorian erotic historical, IN THE FLESH, being published in Italy!

The Italian title translates as OVERWHELMING PLEASURE... which pretty much sums up the story nicely!

The wonderful Hasmina has translated my answers to some questions about IN THE FLESH aka OVERWHELMING PLEASURE, and if you read Italian, you can find the interview here. 

L'Erotismo di Portia da Costa

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