Sunday, 1 July 2012

Like a boss...

Miranda Austin is a boss, a female executive in a high powered job who has to be a demon in the board room and shoulder a heavy load of responsibility. She loves her work, but sometimes the pressure wears her down and she secretly yearns not to have to be 'in charge'.

Patrick Dove is Miranda's PA, and he's the perfect right hand man for an executive woman, efficient, discreet, intuitive... and drop dead gorgeous. What's more, he's always desired his beautiful boss, and behind his facade of quiet discretion, he's passionately in love with her! 

One day, after a successful but particularly gruelling meeting, Patrick decides it's time to take action and relieve Miranda's stress, and he knows exactly what to do to make her feel better. He'll be her boss for a change and show her the deliciously dominant side of him she's never seen before...

A VERY PERSONAL ASSISTANT is published today by Harlequin Spice Briefs, and you can find a sexy excerpt and links to buy here.

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