Wednesday, 9 May 2012

BDSM-apalooza is now on!

Here's an exciting blog event to check out, being held at the home of my buddies the Smutketeers.

BDSMapalooza is a celebration of all your favourite erotic punishment fiction, with interview contributions from a stellar roster of authors, including yours truly, and selection of fantastic giveaways.

Don't forget to head on over there now, the event spans both 9th and 10th of May!

And while you're in the mood for BDSM flavoured fiction, why not check out my latest offering?

Naughty Thoughts is also part of my Daring Interludes anthology, but I thought I would pull it out and offer it separately for those who love a short 'n' saucy spanking treat. I've gathered this and my other BDSM stories together as a sort of semi series, called Delicious Masters.

~ Delicious Masters - when women meet the Doms of their dreams ~

Vickie and Terrence both have sexual secrets, and neither one quite knows what's going on in the other's head when they're making love. But one day, Vickie reveals her "Naughty Thoughts", her dark and dangerous fantasies about being punished and dominated... and discovers a brand new, thrilling side to Terrence, and a powerful man who likes to play spanking games. The Dom of Vickie's dreams is the familiar lover who's already in her bed.

You can find an excerpt and buy links for Naughty Thoughts here!

Delicious Masters - get them here!

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Can I steal your idea? ;^)