Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Gentlewoman's Pleasure - out today!

My latest "Ladies' Sewing Circle" Spice Brief, A GENTLEWOMAN'S PLEASURE is out today at  Barnes and Noble NookeHarlequinAll Romance eBooks, and Diesel eBooks. Alas it's not yet available for Amazon Kindle, but it should be out there on 1st March.

Here's the blurb:

London, 1890

Miss Lucy Dawson always thought she was dull compared to the other women in the Ladies' Sewing Circle, who never hesitate to share stories of their naughty exploits and fantasies. As a plain, eccentric spinster with spectacles and a bicycle, Lucy hasn't enjoyed a man's touch for years—though she yearns to experience the full pleasure of lovemaking.

Then Lucy encounters Ethan Oakley, a tantalizing stranger who reawakens her desires. And the Ladies' Sewing Circle will never believe what happens next....

You can read a naughty excerpt here

 And if you're in the mood for more risqué Spice Briefs fun, why not also check out GABRIEL'S NAUGHTY GAME by my release day pal, Madelynne Ellis.

"I want to see you with another guy.".

When Gabriel tells me his fantasy, I want to laugh it off, pretend it's a joke. But I know it isn't--he's serious. I'm all for a little daring in the bedroom, but this is too risky. It gets even worse when Gabriel reveals who he wants me to sleep with: Nye, the only other man who's ever tempted me.

I soon realize there's more to Gabriel's game than simple voyeurism. But whatever Gabriel wants, Gabriel gets...

Find out more here

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Penelope Merrin said...

Adding to my to-read list! Alas, I have a Kindle.

Portia Da Costa said...

I hope it's worth the wait, Penelope. :)

It's so frustrating that the release isn't simultaneous on all formats.