Thursday, 10 June 2010

Another sale!

It's been a very good week. First I sold my story THE EFFICIENCY EXPERT to Rachel Kramer Bussel for her PASSION anthology... and now I've sold another story to different anthology! :)

This time it's a tale called FIRE AND ICE and it's going to be in the MAMMOTH BOOK OF HOT ROMANCE, edited by Sonia Florens, which is due to be published in Spring 2011.

FIRE AND ICE is a fun story, and was a hoot to write. It's set at Christmas, and involves a boss and his P.A. So far, so good... but when the heating breaks down in Innes McKenzie's flat, it's adding insult to injury because he's in bed with the flu at the time! Enter the ministering angel of his personal assistant, Cally Hobbes, who has a major crush on her handsome boss and treats everything that ails him with a lot of very hands on TLC!


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Congratulations on your latest sales! I'm very excited to discover I'll be sharing pages with Portia Da Costa! :)