Thursday, 21 January 2010

Little bit of publishing news...

Although at the moment, I have no novels slated for publication in 2010, I am in a couple of print anthologies this year. One is NAUGHTY BITS 2, which contains my Spice Brief story CHANCE OF A LIFETIME... and the other is this beauty, that's just appeared on!

Alison's Wonderland

It's a paranormal erotic/romantic anthology edited by the fabulous Alison Tyler, with a general theme of fairy tales and fairy tale like stories. Mine's called UNVEILING HIS MUSE, and it's about a graphic artist who falls in love with one of his creations... a fantasy woman who turns out to be a good deal more lifelike than he bargained for. ;)

Eating: Cadbury's Roses
Watching: Poirot
Reading: Inventing the Victorians - Matthew Sweet
Writing: Victorianoid
Feeling: OK


Alison Tyler said...

Ha! I was just checking my link to your site because I mentioned you in a post on mine, and I saw this! Which I hadn't even seen yet! You rock!


Portia Da Costa said...

Isn't it exciting? Saskia alerted me to it last night!

Can't wait to see the cover. I bet it's fab! :)