Sunday, 10 May 2009


Cats! Sometimes... who'd have 'em???

This morning, for instance, Kuffer up-ended a full, large cup of tea all over several piles of mixed papers and magazines and books. Everything saturated. And not long after, when I tried to retrieve some items of clothing Alice had decided to sleep on, she lashed out and gashed my fingers in two places, leading to copious blood flow... Gah!

At least Mulder, shown above, has caused no problems so far yet today... but it's still early...

Eating: choc chip cookies
Watching: nothing yet
Reading: nothing yet
Writing: nothing yet
Feeling: bleugh


MB (Leah) said...

I feel your pain and pleasure, we have 4. This AM before I had coffee or even woke up, one spit up. And she couldn't do it the tile, no, she had to do it right on the edge between the tile and carpet, but on the carpet. Of course.

Then she ran down the hall and spit up some more right in the middle of the hallway. Again, on carpet.

They seem to do that on purpose. Why??? LOL

My word veri: CATIV snort

Portia Da Costa said...

Ah, we have exactly the same problems with our three. There are tiled floors and carpeted floors in the house, and the mogs always select the carpet. If they're starting to honk, they run from the tiles to the carpet, or, alternatively jump onto furnishings or the bed.

A new trend... they seem to like to barf all over the remotes for the telly or the DVD or the satellite box.. what the hell is that about?????

val said...

One of mine wolfs down as much food as she can, then throws it up right back on to the dish.

Portia Da Costa said...

Yep, Kuffer's done that on occasion too, Val! Bleuk!