Monday, 23 February 2009

Jay's finally left home...

... and gone on to his HEA with his beloved Sandy!

The proof corrections have now left the building and I can move on to new projects! Glory Halleluia!!!

Today, I'm returning to a WIP that I originally worked on several years ago. It's fun and kinky story that I really enjoyed working on at the time, but boy do I see shortcomings in the writing now! I'm always raising the bar for myself, always expecting more of myself, and what satisfied me a few years ago, falls short today.

But returning to older work like this is extraordinarily satisfying. It's like a makeover show, and every change and improvement in the story is like... yes, I can do this, this is so much better!

So, a much pleasanter working day ahead for me... especially after the traumas of proof corrections! :)

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