Sunday, 25 January 2009

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

23:49 Daily Tweetage: My day in tweets: 23:20 Daily Tweetage: My day in tweets: 23:20 Daily Tweetage: My day in tweets..

10:14 New story, was gonna write in 3rd pov, but it's speaking to me in 1st pov. Should prolly follow this instinct if it feels right, I think.

10:55 Nearly 11am & still not dressed. V. lazy morning, tho' have been thinking about that story. It's starting to 'firm up' in my mind now.

13:50 Enjoying editing a long story. Noted lot of too short paragraphs, creating choppiness. Am blending some together for smoother flow.

14:34 Just finished editing that story. Like it v. much, actually. Prolly a quicker reconciliation than IRL, but hey, it's artistic license... LOL

14:37 What reward can I award myself for finished edit? Alas, only 1 blueberry muffin left in pack, and if I eat it, means himself=1 muffin, me=3

17:31 Feeling a bit weary & under the weather now. Blah... But at least I got some stuff achieved earlier, so day not lost entirely.

17:32 LOL! Cat looking at me over top of laptop... he looks so cute.

18:56 7pm... too early to start on the wine? It's only the 'lite' half strength kind... ;)

19:08 Have wine now + Pom-Bears teddy shaped potato snax

21:22 Watching Poirot. Have become a bit obsessed with him lately. But like the earlier eps with Capt Hastings & Miss Lemon better than later ones

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