Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

07:54 Another bitter cold day. Am as good as hibernating at the moment. Fear icy conditions as may slip and break something, like old ladies do.

09:13 Why do I ache all over? It's not from over exercising... I'm far too idle a git for that!

09:46 Gonna get on my exercise bike now, see if I can loosen up and shake off the aches. It's worked for me that way before. :)

12:04 Yikes, the hero in this story of mine is a wicked horndog. 20 years younger than heroine, but at her all the time... hee hee.

16:13 Am getting v. annoyed waiting for a particular email.

18:47 I have got to chill and calm and not get vexed with people. I can feel myself ready to go Mrs Angry again...

20:25 Only 1K words today. Have given up & am watching Ice Road Truckers.

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