Friday, 28 November 2008

Bits and bats...

First of all...


Well, I've finished writing KISS IT BETTER and the manuscript file has gone off to the editor now. After quite a wrangle with this mutha throughout the months I've been writing it, I did end up liking the story and the characters very much. It's very sexy, in a playful sort of way, and has a rather touching [hopefully] romantic storyline at the heart of it. It's also a Stoneworld story, although characters from previous books only appear in a peripheral sort of way, and then only one or two of them. I didn't want to shoehorn everyone into it, and it seem too contrived in consequence. ;)

I've also just sent off a story for the Black Lace 'Misbehaviour' anthology. This isn't a commissioned piece, so fingers crossed everyone that the editor likes it and wants to include it. 'The Distraction' is a rather naughty BDSM type story, and another of my older woman/younger man tales... although not cougarish, as it's definitely the guy who's the hunter in this case!

With those two projects off my desk, I now have to decide what to do next. I've been working on the second of my Risque Reunions novelettes for Spice Briefs, and have a first draft of SECOND TIME AROUND. That's currently sitting and 'fermenting', ready for me to go back to it and edit and polish it with a fresh eye in a little while. I have the third of the Risque Reunions to write, but I need to give that some serious thought, as it's going to be the most emotional of the three and will need careful handling.

Aside from that, I'd like to sub to two more Black Lace anthos, The Affair and Sexy Little Numbers, although I must admit I don't have the foggiest clue what to write for either of those as yet.

What else? Who knows... I don't seem to be the most efficient of career planners, as there's nothing commissioned in the hopper after Risque Reunions. :(

I've got some ideas, but there's nothing 'big' enough somehow... no high concepts, no storylines that grab me by the throat and demand that I write them. It's hard... I feel I should be stretching myself and pushing myself, but I'm not quite sure in what direction.

Anybody out there got any suggestions? What would you like to see ol' PDC write?


Madelynne Ellis said...

Would this be an opportune moment to mention the Z word?

Portia Da Costa said...

Actually, have just been writing one or two outline notes pertaining to the Z word. Although the bloody thing has mutated [groan] so far away from being the Z word that it barely merits the Z any more. LOL

Anonymous said...

Anything with Ed Norton being The Illusionist would be a-okay by me. I always loved your short story "Public Domain", too. Have just read In Too Deep, BTW, and loved it! Don't fancy him off Numbers at all, but you almost turned my head with him. You could really see (through your eyes and your version of him) how attractive/sexy he is.

But I digress. More like In Too Deep, please. If that's the direction your writing is going in then I don't care what the subject matter is. Honest, passionate, sexy work will always triumph no matter what the plot is, IMO.