Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Hat... yes, I wore it!

As my brain is still totally fried and I have the creative capabilities of a mollusc at the moment, here's a piccie instead.

It's me in 'The Hat' in San Francisco! Yes, I wore it quite a lot when I was out in the sun and it was just the ticket for keeping rays off my lily white face. So, am really pleased with the way it turned out.

You'll also notice one of the famous San Francisco cable cars in the background, and shortly after Saskia took this shot, we boarded one and rode back from Fisherman's Wharf to Union Square. It was a blast! We felt like we were in the movies... LOL

Note also the nifty Adam Ant tee shirt! Tee shirt lover that I am, I brought three back for myself from the City by the Bay, plus one for himself.


Kristina Wright said...

I'm glad you wore the hat! I would fear for your skin if you hadn't. :) Loving the pictures-- keep them coming!

val said...

Glad you had a good time.

Portia Da Costa said...

Yeah, it was brilliant fun, and I'm really delighted with the way 'the hat' performed. :)

Janine Ashbless said...

You do know that if you wear a black hat in the West it means you are a Baddie, don't you? Or have I watched too many old movies?

Portia Da Costa said...


Ooh, I like being a dubious character... The Earps in Tombstone wore black hats, and even though they were theoretically the good guys, they were pretty ruthless and ambiguous and nuanced.