Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Mad Hatter

Here's a piccie of my new bush hat/sun hat that I just got for my trip to RWA. It's for just in case we choose to go out for a stroll and the sun is bright. I'm not one for exposing my lily white face to the rays, and also with my hair being so chemicalised so brutally, it's not a great idea to get too much sun on that, either. I think the chapeau looks quite nifty, even allowing for me looking like a dead dog due to lack of makeup. :)

In other news, I had a sleepless night, mulling over something, so I feel pretty knackered today. I've made my peace with the issues that were bugging me, and actually see positive spins now, but it's left me weary. I may have forty winks in a minute, or, if I can't nod off, I might relax with Saskia Walker's gorgeous book RECKLESS, which I'm currently loving and savouring.

In even *more* news, I've been interviewed again! This time it's at the wonderful WE WRITE ROMANCE site.

Click here to learn some not particulary dirty secrets about me!

I.am.a.serious.writer not a.kink.penning.freak... Yeah, right... LOL


Unknown said...

You are adorable! Can't wait to see the hat in person!

Portia Da Costa said...

Aw thanks, Lilli! I don't think anybody's ever called me adorable before...

Cool hat, though, innit? :)

Saskia Walker said...

I adore your hat!! It really suits. And look at your cheeky grin. :) Methnks you are enjoying all this shopping for the RWA trip. :))

Portia Da Costa said...

I sure am! I've not 'been' anywhere for such a long time that it's a great excuse. :)

Three tee shirts arrived this morning, two with flags, and one with Portia in pink diamante.