Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sorting out Sunday again....

and it needs it!

As you'll have seen from my tweet, I've been searching and sorting amongst the morass of disorganised paper and assorted crap that constitutes my filing system. There was an important document I wanted to consult, and when I went to the filing cabinet that I barely use at all, and looked in the relevant section... needless to say said document wasn't there, because I took it out a couple of months ago, when I thought I had need of it then. And yeah, I didn't file it away again... that would have been far too easy!

But the good news is that I've found it, and marked it and sort of filed it so I won't lose it again. But I really need to slowly, perhaps, bring order to the chaos. I can't go on having to have these frantic, angst-ridden and emotionally draining searches for things. I haven't the time. But, I need to invest time in getting things sorted first, even if only gradually.

Actually, I need a secretary, or a PA, or even a wife to sort my life out for me. But wait... I'm a wife myself. Mmmm.... something wrong there. LOL

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