Friday, 13 June 2008

Some progress

Well, I'm making some progress at least. I pushed on ahead with my 'Liaisons' story, and I've finished the first draft of it. Have to admit it's a bit of a bodge up towards the end, but at least I've got something to work with, and that's a relief. I'm particularly eager to get this one done in good time, because the closing date for submissions is just after I return from San Francisco, and I want to have the story polished and subbed well before I set off on my jaunt with Saskia and Madelynne.

I've also been jotting down notes for a project that will probably never come to pass, but which I chat about often with the above writing chums. More of a paranormal romance than an erotic romance, and I doubt if I'll ever get further than just thinking about it, because my plotting skills are so slight, but it amuses me to toy with the idea now and again, and it's a cause of never ending mirth when my mates tease me about this ongoing idea that has no plot, no characters, no setting etc. LOL

In other news, I'm hoping I might have something a bit more concrete to announce here sooner or later, but you know how it is with chickens and hatching... I never like to count on anything until I have definite facts. In this business, the brightest hopes can crumble to dust, and what sounded like enthusiasm and positive signage can just disappear like Scotch Mist, completely forgotten by those who inadvertently elevated one's expectations and dreams... It's just the fickle nature of the game really, nobody's fault.

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