Wednesday, 18 June 2008

new toys, new procrastinations

I am so naughty. I will do anything rather than buckle down to my writing. I'm always looking for new techno doohickeys and whotnots to play with rather than apply myself to the serious business of writing.

Yesterday, I signed up for Facebook again, because a good buddy of mine has just joined. I was in Facebook a while back, but as 'Wendy', but I've now joined as 'Portia' instead. Bit schizo of me, I know, but there you are... If you're a Facebook nut, look for me as Portia Da Costa.

I've also just installed the spiffy new Firefox v.3! Very swish and nifty. Bit of a panic now and again, of course, when things don't work quite the way they used to, but you soon get used to the new versions of things... and I think I'm going to like the new Fox.

I've also installed Twitterfox, to further feed my Twitter addiction. Which means all I have to do is click a little 'T' in my status bar in order to 'tweet'!

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