Thursday, 26 June 2008

Daily Tweetage

  • 23:51 Daily Tweetage: 00:21 Daily Tweetage: 20:08 Been out today, sorting a few things out and getting so..
  • 08:55 Am in a better mood today... I think. LOL
  • 09:21 Here's a nice...: ... picture of Alice, reposing on a box. I'm not sure how she can be comfortable,..
  • 13:17 Agh, I think I have dislocated myself, trying to do a burlesque workout as research for a story! I am far too old to strut my stuff... :(
  • 15:52 Oh crap, we're having a torrential rainstorm and water is dripping from the ceiling in my office. I don't work in there, but still... scary.
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