Tuesday, 27 May 2008

It's publication day again!

And this time it's the US publication day of my two 'heat' babies... GEMINI HEAT and GOTHIC HEAT!

To celebrate, I'm posting over at LUST BITES today, on the topic of Lust at First Sight, with a small clip of each book, featuring the first time the heroine sets eyes on the hero. I reckon this is a pretty risky thing to do, juxtaposing my prose of 14 years ago with my prose of now... Which will show up the best? The old me, writing when it was all fresh and new and adventurous... or the new me, writing with the benefit of years of honing and polishing of my craft, and a wealth of new life experience to inform the emotional truth of my stories?

You be the judge... nip over there, leave a comment, and you'll go into a draw to win a signed book from my backlist.

Good luck and enjoy!

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