Sunday, 6 April 2008

Some excellent news!

I got home from my jaunt out on Friday to some really exciting news!

WILD IN THE COUNTRY my recent release from hot British epublisher Total-E-Bound is soon to go into print!!!

Wild in the Country was originally published in print in a slightly different version several years ago, but the publisher at the time never did any marketing or promotion for the line, so it pretty much disappeared without a trace on that first publication. Which was a shame, because even though it's not a giant classic of erotic literature, it's a really fun book with lots of rampant bonking and all round kinkery. A light hearted read to cheer you up and make you laugh at its absurdity as much as it turns you on.

Consequently, I'm really glad it's coming back into print again, especially as I know that there are lots of PDC readers out there who tend to prefer an actual book in their hands rather than reading an ebook.

I don't have any details about release date, or price, or where you can buy it yet, but rest assured, as soon as I know, so will you! So watch this space! :)

And a ps. to my fellow Vincent D'Onofrio fans....

Although Wild in the Country was written long before I turned on to our darling Vincenzo, I discovered when I was editing it again that I kept seeing the hero, Drew, as our guy. He's a tall, dark, strapping, gorgeously handsome artist with a wickedly naughty sexual imagination... nuff said! ;)


Lucy Felthouse said...

I DEFINITELY prefer a physical book in my hands to an e-book. And I can't see that ever changing.

Sexy book cover though, regardless!!xx

Portia Da Costa said...

I'm glad you like actual books best, Lucy.

I've had ebooks published, and I can only see them becoming more and more popular, especially the instant better ebook reading devices become available in the UK. But I'm a traditionalist and like to hold a proper paper book in my hand.

I may get an ebook reader when they appear in UK shops and become cheaper though... cos I love gadgets too! :)