Thursday, 20 December 2007

Today's Photos

I am eating too many of these... the demon puff pastry mince pies!

Alice looking grumpy in her new favourite sleeping spot, himself's sock drawer.

Telly: Numb3rs S2
Choc/Yummy: see above
Mood: okay
Writing: In Too Deep
Reading: Lord of Scoundrels
RSI/FMS: so so

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val said...

Oh PLEASE tell me where you are getting puff pastry ones? The only ones I can find are smothered in gritty, tooth-rotting sugar,

Portia Da Costa said...

They're from Tesco, Val! But they do have some sugar on them, it just doesn't show so well in the photo.

They're yummy though! Far too yummy...

val said...

Tesco is my nearest supermarket, but I never shop there due to their shitty customer services from Head Office down. I have managed to get some from M&S but they are very sugary. OH well, it is Christmas!

Unknown said...

I have to make my own mince pies over here-they are considered somewhat odd!! But they taste better anyway :)
Have a great Christmas, sweetie!

Unknown said...

I can't buy them over here-they are considered somewhat odd, so I make my own and the kids love them!
Have a great Christmas sweetie!