Sunday, 4 November 2007

scraping by...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, Professor H, I should be trying to do a tad more than my basic 1K... but it's been a struggle these last few days, to be honest. It's 11.13pm now, and I've just scraped by my goal wordcount. And I'm not sure that the actual words themselves are any good... the text feels a bit dead at the moment.

Thing is, I'm allowing myself to get stressed about things that I really shouldn't get stressed about. Stuff that's just not worth it... meaningless in the grander scale of things. But anyone who visits here regularly will know how I am... I fret over things that I ought to laugh off because they're stupid.

Any road up, crap words or no crap words, I've now officially done a third of In Too Deep! So even if it is total horse plop, there'll be time when the first draft's done to fix it.

And that's a comfort...

Telly: Moto GP, Top Gear
Choc/Yummy: Lindor
Mood: fed up with various stuff
Writing: 1K In Too Deep
Reading: nothing much today
RSI/FMS: very sore generally, plus wrists

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Saskia Walker said...

You're doing fabulously! You're writing every day AND meeting your targets. Like you said, you can always rework it. I don't feel as connected to the challenge since I began on my revisions, which is a shame, but hopefully I'll click back in soon.

Keziah Fenton said...

Keep putting the words down. You can clean up the crap in edits. Pat yourself on the back for writing every day. It's tough to do when you're stressing. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Portia for the kind words you left for me. It is tough, writing is lonely business, especially when I haven't reached my dream to publish a novel yet. But I am going to keep plugging along, get organized, and dig in the mud below me. Thank you bunches for the support luv.

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

I fought two hours this morning to get my 1K. Ugh. But I made it! I love your pictures of Dr. Charlie Epps. :-) I mean Professor H.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Some days it's a grand, others it's more. And yeah, it can be difficult to not let the little stuff eat at you and get in the way of progress but little stuff can be fixed!