Tuesday, 20 November 2007

New Look!

I'm feeling so not like writing at the moment, so inspired by my buddy Madelynne Ellis, I've given this ol' blog a slightly new look! Still got quite a few of my sidebar bits to reintegrate, but I had too much crap there anyway, so maybe that's a good thing! :)

Telly: Top Gear etc
Choc/Yummy: Tesco Belgian Milk
Mood: fed up
Writing: not
Reading: not
RSI/FMS: sore and tired

Don't forget Portia's Promos - new stuff being added all the time!


Ava said...

I love the new look!

LeeAnn said...

I just got my books in the mail today!!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you for the extra two books!! It was such a nice surprise to get! I can’t wait to get started on them!! Again I just wanted to say thank you (can you tell I’m very excited LOL).

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi Leeann

I'm so glad the books have arrived. Post to the USA is really quick nowadays... it used to take ages, but now things get there in just a few days.

Hope you enjoy your reading! :)