Monday, 12 November 2007

flippin hawt....

Got a fabulous mention over the weekend at Bella Michelle's wonderful Romance B[u]y the Blog. I just swung by as I usually do, to see what was cooking... and found this wonderful post featuring me along with a couple of other erotic romance authors and a fascinating discussion of the sub genre.

It was a lovely surprise to find this... as I'd no idea it was going to appear! :)

Flippin' Hawt

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Anonymous said...

Hi Portia,

Here's that quote I mentioned in my blog from the Writer. The author is Quinn Dalton and the article is called, "The 10 Most Important Things I've Learned About Writing Fiction".

"Your writing should scare you a bit, like driving too fast on an unfamiliar road. To be safe is to waste your time and your readers'. Your characters will never thrill you - or us - with their secrets if you're too scared to ask for them."

I think I should probably stick it someplace where I can see it every day.

BTW, chocolate brioche does sound yummy!

val said...

Aha! an alien cat. Something fishy in the Da Costa household. Ve haf wayz ov making you write.