Thursday, 18 October 2007

Mr Blue is vexed!

It's almost two o'clock and I've not written any of my WIP yet... His Blueship is not best pleased!

While you're here, please, please, please pop over the the Night Owl Romance Awards and vote for me in the Best Erotic Contemporary Ebook!

If you love you some Portia click here and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE every day until 31st October!


Unknown said...

Alas, if you must be punished though, who better than Mr. Blue? I think I would miss my quota on purpose every day if he were waiting in my wings. But then, I was too chicken to join, so what do I know?

Madelynne Ellis said...

Bet you wrote more than I did, unless LB posts count!

Anonymous said...

I know that anything involving Vincent is motivation enough for me to get to work. Isn't he just one of the best actors out there right now? I'd like to see some of his French independent works.

Anyhow, thanks for sponsoring the 70 Days of Sweat and taking an interest in my work as well!