Sunday, 23 September 2007

What's next?

Well, now that Gothic Heat is finished, I've got to decide what to do next... I'm hoping there'll be another Black Lace novel in the works before too long, but while decisions are being made on that, I need to have a project to occupy me in the meantime.

What I'm hoping to do first off is work on another novella, and what I have in mind is a sexy, kinky contemporary story about a pervy modern day aristocrat who's into a bit of the old BDSM. The idea is starting to firm up nicely in my mind and I'm getting a clear picture of my hero, Christian, who's a rather eccentric marquis who dresses a bit gothic and has silky long black hair. I've had a thing about long-haired heroes since I wrote about Valentino in Suite Seventeen, and as I had to forgo Rafe's long hair in Gothic Heat due to cover issues, I'm going to indulge myself now with Christian, Marquis of Blaystock.

Am looking forward to having some fun with this one... :)

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Saskia Walker said...

OOh, the Marquis sounds very yummy indeed! ;)

ArcticFox said...

Makes me wish I wasn't a short haired anti-hero!!

Good luck with the new ideas.


Madelynne Ellis said...

Sounds interesting.

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi guys! Thanks for your comments... I think Chance of a Lifetime is going to be fun. It's sort of like a historical set in the present day... v. weird. Lots of 'Yes, My Lord' and 'No, My Lord' and all that, but in the context of the spanky sex play... :)